Freedom of Movement

Avita Yoga ®

What is Avita Yoga®

Avita Yoga® is a methodology that gently identifies restrictions impeding the body’s natural potential for freedom of movement, while simultaneously providing the mode to resolve them.

The very definition of yoga written in the Yoga Sutras over two thousand years ago is the identification and removal of the obstacles that limit our potential in body and mind. Yoga is a practice that brings more freedom and joy to your life so you can enjoy all the other things you love to do in your life. Learn more about Avita Yoga® and why it can fit well in your life and lifestyle.

Concepts that Differentiate Avita Yoga® from other styles 

It isn’t about trying to fit the body into difficult positions for future gain. It is about reclaiming the movement, health and stability that naturally belong to you and your body in the here and now. It’s a shift in perception—starting anew, right where you are each time you arrive on the mat, no matter what condition your body is in, no matter what frame of mind you are in—it’s perfect because that’s exactly what needs tending. Avita Yoga® is about creating new possibilities in body and mind, moment by moment. The sequences help resolve limiting patterns that no longer serve us so we can remember a healthier way of being in body, mind and spirit. It’s about going forward and creating a new way of being, for a lifetime.

Why Avita Yoga® Works

When it comes to chronic pain and rigidity, we mistakenly believe that the pain is the problem but rarely, if ever, are pain and the problem in the same place. Instead of chasing the pain around the body in an attempt to stop it, we use adaptable shapes in Avita Yoga® to source the origin of the pain.

With practice, pain becomes a resource and eventually becomes a guide.

Without the adaptable shapes or yoga poses to inform us, we are continually misled by pain and the vain attempt to get rid of it. Avoiding or even eliminating the pain (as we have been conditioned to do) does nothing for the actual problem and the underlying compensatory patterns it has created.

Although current medical wonders exist allowing us to remove or replace the problem, the compensatory patterns still remain, making avita yoga beneficial to anyone and any body.

How Avita Yoga® Works

Avita Yoga® works primarily on the connective tissue to dissolve restrictions in and around the joints. Resolving restrictions locally has a resonating effect throughout the rest of the body. Movement begets movement and enhances blood flow, nourishing the body and removing toxins.

Additional beneficial fluids within the joints are cleansed to help restore healthy function and resolve the cause of stiffness and pain. Lasting results are possible because the nervous system is calmed which is an essential element if renewal is to take place. The body can heal itself when given the time and space to rest. These larger systemic effects on the whole body improve the local health of the joints, bones, and muscles. Reducing the restrictions positively influences all bodily functions which initiates a cycle of improved wellbeing. The goal is to get out of the destructive cycle of pain and sickness and into the healing cycle of improved movement and health.

While most students experience steady improvement, Avita Yoga® is not a linear process. The classes are organized in a symphonic manner so that concepts are introduced and then modified and reintroduced at a later time. We thus learn to work with the body as it presents itself each time we practice so that all gains become pleasant surprise.

We do not practice perfection, so none is required. We practice by asking for movement where there is none and witness the body changing from the inside out.

“The Practice of a Lifetime”

“Physical health and mobility are byproducts of the deeper benefits of the practice, which is what makes Avita Yoga® the practice of a lifetime for a lifetime. You will develop safe, supportive ways to move toward health and happiness as you discover more about your Self, your ability to heal and how to maintain the freedom you create.”

~ Jeff Bailey, co-founder of Avita

Unwinding a Lifetime of Patterns

We are each born into this world with unique patterns and tendencies that in many ways predetermine how we walk through life. These patterns shape our lives and as time goes by, our lives shape our bodies. We add to this the cumulative effects of life’s tribulations, both physical and emotional. Traumatic occurrences of the past, whether mental, emotional or physical, often have negative implications on the body and mind. These events add up over time and our physical structure must continually adjust accordingly to keep moving, leading to unhealthy patterns of movement.

We need a way to effectively unwind these patterns and resolve the physical impact at the same time.
Compensatory patterns cannot be fixed, they must be unwound. Avita Yoga® is for every body, systematically addressing the whole body in every practice as well as practices connected together leaving no stone unturned. Avita Yoga® will enable you to do things with more joy, comfort and ease. It will increase your body’s range of motion and where there is movement, there is health. It will enhance the natural function of your body’s systems and help regulate its chemical balance, which can result in a more positive outlook on life. Avita Yoga® will move you away from the cycle of pain and discomfort.

Many fitness programs find new and creative ways to be aggressive on the body. They target the muscular systems of the body to make them stronger, with the underlying assumption that with improved strength comes improved function. But this is not always the case, as we may be getting stronger while reinforcing underlying patterns that work against us.

A Practice for Peace

This practice helps many people work through chronic pain and debilitating injuries, but perhaps most importantly, it is a practice for peace – a way to tap into the deeply healing nature of the mind. Avita Yoga helps students discover a lasting sense of lasting peace. A spiritual practice can mean a lot of different things but for this practice, it’s anything that brings us closer to a peaceful state of mind.

For every physical effect, there is often a subconscious mental cause.
In many ways, the body is a reflection of the mind. Avita Yoga® is a practice that uses the body as a gateway to access the healing nature of the mind. If we neglect the mind and work only on the body, we may treat the effect but never really get to the cause. Avita Yoga® students learn to continually navigate the body looking for doorways to the mind where lasting healing occurs. As unfavorable patterns are gently challenged, it is important to give the mind time to notice and understand, otherwise the body and mind will tend toward their habitual patterns and override the potential for positive change. This is why Avita Yoga® classes are taught with a meditative pace that brings the nervous system and the mind along for the ride. Avita Yoga®
We need a way to effectively unwind these patterns and resolve the physical impact at the same time.

Who Can Practice Avita Yoga®

Anyone can practice Avita Yoga® because it is designed to work with every type of body. No experience is necessary and many first-time students quickly get comfortable with the practice. It works for all ages and body types. It is for anyone willing to experiment with their body and open their mind to its healing potential.

It is a common belief that yoga is for people who are young and flexible and that you have to be good at it before you begin. Consequently, it is often flexible women and agile men who are drawn to the practice because they quickly get good. It’s a lesser known fact that flexibility does not equate to comfort. Extreme flexibility can actually lead to pain and injury over time, especially if used to excel at demanding activities such as dance, gymnastics, various sports and even some styles of yoga.

We must approach the body with long-term goals in mind.
If we want to be healthy, our short-term goals must support our long- term goals and desires. We often mistake the goal of improved fitness with the broader goal of improved health. The unique practice of Avita Yoga® is about improved health first, which means that any improved fitness is a favorable byproduct. Avita Yoga® works well for inflexible people and those with injuries. It is for anyone who wants to delay feeling the effects of aging and restore a sense of youth.

Avita Yoga® is for people with chronic aches, pains, and general stiffness. It is for those with old injuries and limiting movement patterns that affect quality of life. It is for anyone contemplating joint replacement who is trying to delay the surgery as long as possible. It is also helpful for those who have had or are currently recovering from joint

replacement procedures because the pattern that created the need for the replacement remains long after surgery.

Avita Yoga® is even for overly flexible people who feel chronically stiff and sore. Avita Yoga® is a way to build natural strength while resolving harmful, negative patterns. Perhaps the most powerful benefit is the calming impact it has on the nervous system and mind. The practice is designed to not only work on you during the class but for hours, if not days, afterward.

Come experience the difference.

Avita Yoga® – yoga for a lifetime.

Our Mission

Kula yoga is a studio designed by our community, for our community. By building and shaping the studio workspace together, we are creating an environment that allows you to explore and deepen your yoga practice in fresh and exciting ways...while meeting your scheduling and lifestyle needs.

Our Promise

Kula contributes its time and resources to schools and fundraisers. We also help cultivate the Minneapolis yoga community by participating in local collaborations.

We strive to not only give our best to our studio community, but also give back to the larger community.

If you’re interested in working with Kula through a give back campaign, please contact us.

✨Opening our Hearts to Change✨

I have some bittersweet news to share...Kula Yoga is changing.

After 10 amazing years at 4402 France Avenue South, the studio space will close on May 31st. I will be the sole Kula teacher live-streaming all classes from my home starting June 1st.

The livestream program is robust, convenient, and surprisingly intimate. I am happy that we were able to adapt to this way of teaching yoga so effectively and look forward to continuing this shared connection with you.

I moved to Minneapolis in 2005 and was lucky enough to start teaching at Michelle Lynn's beloved Yoga House right away. Many of our Kula Community, reading this newsletter 17 years later, attended my first class there. In 2012 the studio changed ownership and Kula Yoga was born. To be able to spread the love of yoga and meet so many amazing human beings along the way has been a joy beyond measure. And this is why the Kula teachers and I are so happy that it's not's just evolving.

Kula is Community...and our beautiful community is growing. I am thrilled and honored to announce that friend and fellow yogi Wendy Oberg is opening The Yoga Room Edina this fall!

Wendy and her devoted team at The Yoga Room Eau Claire have been cultivating an inclusive and inspiring yoga studio and school since 2017. Their expansion into Edina is organic and I am so grateful to be a part of it. You will find your favorite Kula Yoga teachers and me teaching in-person classes at The Yoga Room Edina this fall.

The Yoga Room Edina will be located in the Lorient building at the corner of Sunnyside & France; just steps away from the current Kula location.

Click here for Yoga Room Edina

Please join me in honoring this transition. So many years, so much laughter, so many tears, so many down dogs, and of course much love. And much, much more to come. Let's honor the past, celebrate the future, and embrace the moment together.

Friday May 20th
5:30-6:30pm open vinyasa flow
6:30-8:30pm celebration

With love & gratitude & even more love,


Big news! 🎉

Your response to our live-stream classes over the past few months has been so incredibly positive. THANK YOU!  We couldn’t be prouder of our resilient, resourceful, and supportive yoga community. In order to continue to better service both in-studio and live-stream classes, we have teamed up with Union.Fit. This innovative and service-oriented online yoga platform provides the best mix of quality, convenience, and conscience.

You can learn more about their commitment to community HERE .

Moving forward, there will be 4 different ways you can experience Kula Yoga MN which you will notice on the Union schedule:

  1. In person classes: Physically distanced, socially close
  2. Video Classes aka Zoom Classes
  3. Livestreams in HD
  4. On-Demand Replays available 24/7


Beginning Monday, Aug 3rd we will switch over to Union.Fit:

  1. Create your account HERE.
  2. You receive a free credit to the replay library for creating an to use it within 48-hours HERE.
  3. Purchase additional classes at NEW DISCOUNTED RATES...and/or if you have credits in MindBody, we’ll transfer them to your account (please allow 72 hours)
  4. In the meantime check out our schedule and replay library HERE. More teachers and classes will be added soon!
  5. Click on the class you intend to take, then click "register"
  6. When you register for a class, you’ll get a registration link in an email from [email protected].fit. If it's time for class, or even if class has already started, you can just get in to class by hitting “register” again from the schedule in Union. No more waiting for Zoom links!

Create your Union.Fit account!
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