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Class Packages + Memberships

valid for 4 months

  • Good for 10 classes in the FLESH! (Can be used for online as well.) 4 months expiration date.
  • One-time charge

per month

  • The best way to support the Kula MN community! Unlimited in-person, livestreams, replays, and zoom classes. Also 20% off select workshops. (auto renews monthly, cancel anytime)
  • Auto-renews

valid for 4 months

  • Good for 10 live or on-demand replays. Can be used for zoom or livestream. Livestreams include 24-hour replay. Zooms do not include replay.
  • One-time charge

valid for 4 months

  • Good for unlimited Livestreams, Replays, and Zoom classes. Renews monthly. Cancel Anytime.
  • Auto-renews

one time use

  • Come to Class in the flesh!
  • One-time charge

valid for 1 month

  • Good for 1 in person class and 1 Livestream, Replay, or Zoom. Expires in 30 days.
  • One-time charge

one time use

  • Good for any livestream, Replay, or Zoom class. Livestream and Replay classes include 24hr access. Zoom classes do not include replay.
  • One-time charge

valid for 7 days

  • 1 Week of Unlimited Online Classes and Replays!
  • One-time charge
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Our Mission

Kula yoga is a studio designed by our community, for our community. By building and shaping the studio workspace together, we are creating an environment that allows you to explore and deepen your yoga practice in fresh and exciting ways...while meeting your scheduling and lifestyle needs.

Our Promise

Kula contributes its time and resources to schools and fundraisers. We also help cultivate the Minneapolis yoga community by participating in local collaborations.

We strive to not only give our best to our studio community, but also give back to the larger community.

If you’re interested in working with Kula through a give back campaign, please contact us.

Big news! 🎉

Your response to our live-stream classes over the past few months has been so incredibly positive. THANK YOU!  We couldn’t be prouder of our resilient, resourceful, and supportive yoga community. In order to continue to better service both in-studio and live-stream classes, we have teamed up with Union.Fit. This innovative and service-oriented online yoga platform provides the best mix of quality, convenience, and conscience.

You can learn more about their commitment to community HERE .

Moving forward, there will be 4 different ways you can experience Kula Yoga MN which you will notice on the Union schedule:

  1. In person classes: Physically distanced, socially close
  2. Video Classes aka Zoom Classes
  3. Livestreams in HD
  4. On-Demand Replays available 24/7


Beginning Monday, Aug 3rd we will switch over to Union.Fit:

  1. Create your account HERE.
  2. You receive a free credit to the replay library for creating an to use it within 48-hours HERE.
  3. Purchase additional classes at NEW DISCOUNTED RATES...and/or if you have credits in MindBody, we’ll transfer them to your account (please allow 72 hours)
  4. In the meantime check out our schedule and replay library HERE. More teachers and classes will be added soon!
  5. Click on the class you intend to take, then click "register"
  6. When you register for a class, you’ll get a registration link in an email from [email protected].fit. If it's time for class, or even if class has already started, you can just get in to class by hitting “register” again from the schedule in Union. No more waiting for Zoom links!

Create your Union.Fit account!
Union Classes Setup

Reopening with your safety is our number 1 concern

Here are the steps we are taking to insure your safety:
  • Safe distancing upon entry
  • Minimum 6ʹ space in the classroom
  • Limit of 10 students In Studio
  • Doors to outside open if necessary
  • Masks worn upon entry but optional during class
  • Please bring your own mat. For the time being, Kula will not be providing communal mats or props
  • No access to changing rooms, please come prepared to practice
  • Bathrooms are cleaned rand sanitized regularly
  • All surfaces are sanitized between classes
  • No lingering inside the studio before or after class

Minnesota Department of Health Update

The state of Minnesota has deemed the number of participants in gyms and yoga studios to 50 people total or 25% of capacity, whichever is fewer. This leaves us at our current offering of 10 people in the studio. We strongly encourage you to pre-register for In Studio classes. Once you have created an account and/or sign in, you will see the option for Live-streaming or In Person. If the In Person option is not displayed then we have met our quota.As we continue to offer live-streaming classes, we slowly and carefully prepare the studio for in-person classes. We are able to have up to 10 people in the room now. Spacing is 6ʹ apart. Masks are required upon entry to the studio and recommended while practicing but not required.


You will have the option toenroll for live-streaming or in-person class. Once the allotted number is reached for the live-streaming, it will no longer be presented as an option.Click here to learn more about how the State of Minnesota is handling the reopening of studios and gyms.