Class Packages + Memberships

per month

  • Good for unlimited Livestreams, Replays, and Zoom classes. Renews monthly. Cancel Anytime.
  • Auto-renews

valid for 4 months

  • Good for 10 live or on-demand replays. Can be used for zoom or livestream. Livestreams include 24-hour replay. Zooms do not include replay.
  • One-time charge

one time use

  • Good for any livestream, Replay, or Zoom class. Livestream and Replay classes include 24hr access. Zoom classes do not include replay.
  • One-time charge

valid for 6 months

  • Good for 5 live or on-demand replays.
    Each registration gives you 24-hour access.
  • One-time charge

Our Mission

Kula yoga is a studio designed by our community, for our community. By building and shaping the studio workspace together, we are creating an environment that allows you to explore and deepen your yoga practice in fresh and exciting ways...while meeting your scheduling and lifestyle needs.

Our Promise

Kula contributes its time and resources to schools and fundraisers. We also help cultivate the Minneapolis yoga community by participating in local collaborations.

We strive to not only give our best to our studio community, but also give back to the larger community.

If you’re interested in working with Kula through a give back campaign, please contact us.