What Our Students Are Saying

“Kula Yoga is a welcoming, unique and professional studio that has something special for Yogis of all levels! Sydney, the owner, is basically a yoga goddess that sequences a class that makes perfect sense to your body and challenges you to stretch your boundaries both physically and mentally if you are open to it! All instructors can demonstrate and break down any pose so that all can attempt it correctly and safely. You not only get a very physically demanding practice but class theming and focus get you thinking about things that help you to grow as a person!”

Linda Doughty

Charlotte, NC

“Kula Yoga is my Minnesota yoga home. Like any good home, Sydney and the Kula yogis are ready to receive you how you are–whether you want to explore your edge, to find comfort in the familiar, or even to do both in the same practice. Sydney and Kula could compete with yoga offered anywhere, but Kula’s warm sense of community by being firmly rooted makes you feel you are somewhere special.”

Pauline Yoo

New York City, NY

“I started private yoga lessons with Sydney because I was looking for a way to stop years of severe neck, shoulder and lower back pain occurring 1-3 times every year. Ten years ago, while having neck pain bad enough to require help putting on my shirt, I had my first lesson. The pain stopped over a short period of time. I have not had a single one of those episodes since. Thank you, Sydney, for 10 pain free years.”

Jay Krachmer

Minneapolis, Mn

“I cannot speak highly enough of Kula Yoga studio and its teachers. Kula is the perfect place to practice yoga; the space is warm, welcoming and lovely. There are classes for every level and ability, and it never fails that the moment I walk in, I feel as though I am surrounded by a wonderful sangha, or community. The quality and caliber of its teachers is excellent and I have only had incredibly positive experiences in all of the classes I have taken. Kula Yoga embodies the essence of what a great yoga studio should be: open to everyone, a place to gather and raise consciousness, and a community and home that is in support of the practitioner’s evolution.”

Betsy Weiner

Minneapolis, Mn

“Sydney’s joyful spirit and mindful intentions lead the way to a challenging yet grounding practice. Her classes combine complex sequencing with approachable modifications for the seasoned yogi and newcomer alike. Kula truly is a community, bound by strength, playfulness, and breath. Come join us!”

Emily Ihrig

Minneapolis, Mn

“After taking off 1+ year from yoga to heal an injury, I went to Kula Yoga studio yesterday and had an amazing class with Sydney! I will be back as I love their other instructors- Margaret & Carol. These guys are the best instructors I’ve had and I’ve experienced many other places–NYC, Chic, Austin. I plan to attend some of Kula’s other classes as they’ve added experienced instructors teaching– Strength & Yoga, Core & Yoga–who doesn’t need that!”

Sheila Burke

Minneapolis, Mn

“I’ve tried dozens of studios all across Minnesota, San Francisco and beyond. Sydney Holly’s Kula Yoga remains my favorite place to practice. Kula is a sanctuary for its students; a safe place to heal, find peace and centeredness, while receiving INCREDIBLE technical instruction. Sydney is a diamond in the rough. Her classes can’t be explained, you’ve got to experience them for yourself!”

Megan S

San Francisco, CA

“I have been practicing yoga with Sydney Holly for 5+ years and I continue to be amazed by her abilities. She has incredible artistry in her teaching and razor sharp anatomical knowledge. The terrain of her classroom is always changing in the best possible way, including: her ability to speak about the facets of yoga philosophy; to incorporate readings; to energize with music and to encourage students with the right words at the right time. I have been to many other classes, both locally and when I’ve traveled, and I always feel lucky to come home to the best, only minutes from my front door.”

Katie Mahlum

Minneapolis, Mn

Our Mission

Kula yoga is a studio designed by our community, for our community. By building and shaping the studio workspace together, we are creating an environment that allows you to explore and deepen your yoga practice in fresh and exciting ways...while meeting your scheduling and lifestyle needs.

Our Promise

Kula contributes its time and resources to schools and fundraisers. We also help cultivate the Minneapolis yoga community by participating in local collaborations.

We strive to not only give our best to our studio community, but also give back to the larger community.

If you’re interested in working with Kula through a give back campaign, please contact us.

Big news! 🎉

Your response to our live-stream classes over the past few months has been so incredibly positive. THANK YOU!  We couldn’t be prouder of our resilient, resourceful, and supportive yoga community. In order to continue to better service both in-studio and live-stream classes, we have teamed up with Union.Fit. This innovative and service-oriented online yoga platform provides the best mix of quality, convenience, and conscience.

You can learn more about their commitment to community HERE .

Moving forward, there will be 4 different ways you can experience Kula Yoga MN which you will notice on the Union schedule:

  1. In person classes: Physically distanced, socially close
  2. Video Classes aka Zoom Classes
  3. Livestreams in HD
  4. On-Demand Replays available 24/7


Beginning Monday, Aug 3rd we will switch over to Union.Fit:

  1. Create your account HERE.
  2. You receive a free credit to the replay library for creating an account...click to use it within 48-hours HERE.
  3. Purchase additional classes at NEW DISCOUNTED RATES...and/or if you have credits in MindBody, we’ll transfer them to your union.fit account (please allow 72 hours)
  4. In the meantime check out our schedule and replay library HERE. More teachers and classes will be added soon!
  5. Click on the class you intend to take, then click "register"
  6. When you register for a class, you’ll get a registration link in an email from support@union.fit. If it's time for class, or even if class has already started, you can just get in to class by hitting “register” again from the schedule in Union. No more waiting for Zoom links!

Create your Union.Fit account!
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